Top Criminal Justice Schools in America

Top Criminal Justice Schools in America

In order to have an illustrious career in Law enforcement, it is a must to choose one of the best providers of education. Many institutions are capable of providing a good and strong foundation for the future and some aspects, which must be considered before selecting a top class criminal justice schools*.

  • Concentrations
  • Reputation
  • Instructor credentials
  • Cost
  • Online vs. On campus
  • Internship programs

Below is a list of the top ten universities for criminal justice**:

University of Cincinnati

According to the “Journal of Criminal Justice the School of Criminal”, the University of Cincinnati has one of the best and highest nationally ranking Criminal Justice Schools rated for its criminal justice research. They have a panel of well-known faculties who have won several accolades and more than 1500 students pursuing top class degrees.

University at Albany-SUNY

This is one of the first doctoral-granting criminal justice programs in the nation. This program has gained recognition nationwide as this course has an interdisciplinary approach focussing on crime in both legal and social contexts.

Pennsylvania State University

This is one of the best Criminal Justice Schools, which offers Bachelor of Arts or Science in Criminal Justice. This course provides a liberal arts approach to the study of crime and focuses on areas like Justice, Crime and Criminal Justice system.

Michigan State University

This esteemed institute was established in 1935 and it is one of the oldest programs which grant degree continuously in Criminal Justice. This Course focuses on many fields including criminology, security involving identity theft, computer, and DNA technology international crime.

University of Maryland

This is a university, which offers degrees like B.A., M.A and PhD degrees in the field of Criminal Justice. Many studies have established this university as number one among other programs in the country.

Rutgers State University                                 

This university had ranked in among the Top 10 in the America’s criminal justice schools. This university is ranked among the high spots by U.S news & World Report and Rutgers State University is one of the closest top ranking universities in proximity to New York City.

Florida State University

This is a university which has a past of many years of experience but also prepares its students for the future. They train their students in new fields like computer criminology, information technology, cyber-forensics and network security issues.

University of Missouri (St. Louis)

The fundamentals and foundations of the Criminal Justice and Criminology program are being taught in this program. This program helps students to develop critical thinking and educating about theories and research methods.

George Mason University

This University has consistently been ranked in the top 5 positions in the country for its Criminal Justice programs. This program focuses on the impact of justice on the lives of individuals within the society and students earn degrees in Criminology, Law, and Society.

University of Illinois (Chicago Campus) 

This program uses social methods to examine the nature, causes, and extent of crime within the society. The main advantage with this program is that it prepares the students for an array of careers.

These are some of the best criminal justice schools in America, which are beneficial for a good career in the field.



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