Top Criminal Justice Programs in Texas

Top Criminal Justice Programs in Texas

Texas is home to some of the top schools in the United States and certainly has a fair share of top criminal justice colleges. Each year, about 6,400 students graduate with the criminal justice degree in Texas. There are about 115 criminal justices colleges in Texas from which you can choose from, with an average yearly tuition for of about $6, 359 per year*.


With so many schools offering criminal justice degrees, choosing the best criminal justice degree program will assist you in getting a better paying job, and may be one of the deciding factors in how far you can grow your criminal justice career.  Apart from the traditional criminal justice programs, you can also enroll in one of the online criminal justice degree programs.


A criminal justice degree is for those seeking careers as federal agents, police officers, forensic experts, criminal law, and prison systems. Other careers in criminal justice include: working as Forensic Pathologist, Legal Nurse Consultant, Computer Forensics, Correctional Counselor, Court Reporter, Criminal Profiler, FBI Agent, Criminologist, Forensic Scientist, Corrections Officer, Homeland Security, Law Office Manager, Mediator, Police Detective, Paralegal, Private Probation Officer, Investigator, Security Guard, and Security Management. Criminal justice graduates can expect to earn an average of $68,720 per year. However, the amount of salary varies from one particular field to the next.


While nearly all top universities in Texas offer criminal justice degrees, some of the top online criminal justice degree programs in Texas include the following:  University of Phoenix which offers criminal justice programs such as Criminal Justice Administration in Human services, The Berkeley College (it offers Bachelor of science degrees in Legal studies, Justice studies, and AAS in justice studies),  and Kaplan University, which offers Criminal justice degrees in Paralegal, Juvenile Justice, and criminal justice.  Others are Everest University Online (Homeland securities, paralegal, and criminal justice), Liberty University Online, Devry University, Anthem College, Colorado Technical University, Walden University, Bradman University, and Fortis Institute, among others.


Apart from the above colleges, there are many other quality colleges in Texas that offer degrees in criminal justice. To choose the best institution for you, there are many considerations you need to make. Some of the considerations you should weigh include the distance, the type of criminal justice degree you prefer, and nature of the degree program (whether you want to attend a traditional college or you want to study online). If you feel that your career lies with the criminal justice, do not haste to enroll in one of the top criminal justice programs in Texas.


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