Ten Great Criminal Justice Jobs

Ten Great Criminal Justice Jobs

Committing a crime is an offense that deserves punishment under the law if the culprit is found to be guilty beyond reasonable doubt. With technology getting better, so do the criminals who seem to sharpen their skills with each passing day. This has led to many individuals opting for jobs in the field of criminal justice, with many more taking up courses that are designed for crime prevention and upholding the law. To be eligible for consideration in the criminal justice job market, a degree may certainly be an added advantage. It opens doors for those who are interested in forensics or working for the FBI.

There may be opportunity for those who enjoy solving crime cases or who wishes to contribute to the safety of the community. Provided one has all the needed qualifications, a degree in a related field, and has a passion for the job, there may be something available for everyone. With the ever increasing populations, the crimes rates too have the potential to soar.

Here are ten great jobs in criminal justice* that those who are qualified can seek in varying states of the US. These are also some of the fastest growing jobs in the field, making finding employment easier for those who meet the requirements.

1. One can choose to be a correctional officer. The officers are charged with maintaining order in jails and prisons. They may have to inspect inmates’ cells, as well as help inmates participate in programs beneficial to their rehabilitation.

2. Another job in the criminal justice field is being a court reporter. This professional attends trials and transcribes all dialogue and actions they observe in court. It is important for a court reporter to be a very accurate and speedy typist in order to record all information which is needed.

3. One can choose to be a crime scene examiner. Not an easy task as travelling to the scene of crime immediately is a must to ensure no one interferes with the scene. The job gets dangerous at times which requires one to be armed all the times when they have to be in areas prone to crime.

4. Being a legal secretary is another option for those who would like a job in the field of criminal justice. They work more on the administrative side of the law, providing assistance in preparing and filing of legal documents, as well as performing clerical duties in law offices.

5. Perhaps one of the most demanding jobs is being a crimes investigator. This is a very dangerous yet interesting field. Investigators should be knowledgeable of state and national laws, as well as be able to stealthily report on cases in which they were hired.

6. A police officer or detective is those who enforce the laws set in place. It is their job to keep their communities safe and arrest those who break the laws. Detectives may work more on the investigative side of law enforcement and may be charged with preparing cases for court.

7. One could as well choose to become a lawyer. This is not an easy profession as well as it involves defending suspects and representing clients. It is a well-paying job for those who have been able to prove their worth and got many clients.

8. A paralegal and legal assistant is another job worth trying for one interested in solving criminal cases. These professionals may aid in the investigation and research in cases, as well as assist lawyers during a trial.

9. Another career option is being a magistrate or judge. These people oversee court hearings and trials and act as mediator during disputes between the parties involved. It is crucial to have substantial legal knowledge as well as fair judgment to make the proper ruling in a case.

10. A final job opportunity may be as a probation officer, which is one of the fastest growing jobs in the field. They are responsible for helping offenders who have been released from prison to get back into society without tarnishing their record further. They may help develop treatment plans and help find housing and employment options.

These are just ten of several jobs within the criminal justice field. If you would like to obtain one these jobs, or others related, it may be a good idea to do your research, find out the educational requirements, earn your degree or specific certification, and go on your way to obtaining the career of your choosing.


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*For more information, please visit: oedb.org/careers/criminal-justice/