Salaries for Police Officers

Salaries for Police Officers

The United States police officer makes, on average, around $27,000 a year. This has been determined as of July 12, 2013. This rate is for standard issue police officers, but the salaries differ when it comes to the different position within the police profession. For example, NYPD officers earn $6,000 more a year making their annual salary at $33,000. Security officers, on the other hand, make $4,000 less than police officers bringing their total to $23,000 a year. While the various jobs and responsibilities that come with police work tend to be the same, the location and division of security seems to have an effect on the type of salary a member of the police force gets. Whether the position within the police division grants a sudden increase in payment is up for debate.

Here are some other types of police officers and the salaries they are given annually:

·         Armed Bank Protection Officer: $29,000

·         Police Recruit: $50,000

·         Police Sergeant: $62,000

·         Police Officer Lateral: $72,000

Currently, the salary trend for police officers is at an all time low. The salary for even the most well paid police officers has dwindled down to being 57% lower than the nationwide salary average amongst all jobs types. Over the past two years police officers have met with increases and decreases in their salaries, but after July of 2012 the salary averaged dipped into record low numbers. Currently the average continues to spike to the bottom of the charts. Hopefully over time police officer salaries will see improvement within the next few years if the government can help support an increase in officer salary. The consequence of this would be that taxes might increase which would lead to a higher disapproval rating from many taxpayers, especially the lower class citizens who pay a large amount already.