Online Vs. Campus College for a Criminal Justice Degree

Online Vs. Campus College for a Criminal Justice Degree

High school graduation looms in your future, or perhaps you are about to earn your ged equivalent, and college is something your mind is now set upon as the next step. You know that to succeed in life, you will need to be able to earn a decent living, one that not only will pay the mortgage as well as your insurance and car payments, but will leave some left over for savings and a leisurely life. You need a college education to accomplish these things, so determining how best to earn that degree in criminal justice is in your best interest. Your choices boil down to two; online vs. campus college for a criminal justice degree. (*)

Online Vs. Campus College for a Criminal Justice Degree
The difference between an online college experience and a traditional college of brick and mortar that resides on a campus really comes down to perspective, and what you are seeking as a value from your education. Your first step is to complete your FAFSA, and determine what exactly you can afford along with the government’s help of grants and subsidized loans. Here you want to be careful, as FAFS money cannot be used for tuition at un-accredited schools. To find out if yours is, simply speak with the admissions representative or review the college or university’s website for that information. Once you have this fact determined, begin reviewing the benefits of either an online or campus college education.

Online Colleges
These schools draw a variety of students, but most are adult learners, a few years away from high school graduation age. They have jobs, and often families and these elements helped to determine that online college was the solution for them. Online lets you work full time and complete your courses more to your schedule.

Traditional Campus Colleges
These schools are most commonly populated by young students fresh out of high school, looking to not only earn and education in the fields of their choice, but also to learn social skills and community behavior before moving out into the real world. This is the main argument for active sports programs as an academic aid, extracurricular clubs, and of course the one thing everyone thinks of when dreaming of a college campus life, Greek organizations.

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