Law Enforcement Degree

Law Enforcement Degree

Law enforcement is generally becoming a popular career choice for several individuals.  To foster this growing field, several universities are offering courses that prepare you for a job in law enforcement. Both traditional and online universities may offer different levels of law enforcement degrees for students.

Traditional universities that offer a law enforcement degree includes Virginia College and Walden Univsersity.*

Various universities that offer online courses include Kaplan University, the American InterContinental University, Post University, and Philadelphia University. These online schools typically offer Bachelor of Science Degrees in Criminal Justice- Law enforcement and other courses related to criminal justice. 

The content of these courses are generally similar, however, course names may vary.  For example, Philadelphia University offers a degree in law enforcement leadership. The name of the course is Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement Leadership, but other schools may call it something different.

There is a variety of topics covered in law enforcement programs. These may include:**

  • Ethics
  • Decision shooting
  • Handling firearms
  • High-speed chase driver techniques
  • In-progress crimes and domestic violence tactics
  • Criminal investigation and arrest procedure
  • Traffic law enforcement and accident investigation

Once you earn a degree in law enforcement, there generally are a number of opportunities waiting in the U.S law enforcement sector. Several students that opt for law enforcement degrees may get jobs in Police, FBI, and State Trooper agencies. There may also be several opportunities available as insurance fraud inspectors, private security officers, private investigators, and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) officers.

Receiving a degree in law enforcement may sound tempting but it is generally not an easy process. The tenure of a law enforcement degree typically ranges from three to four years. Within those years, students may receive training in a separate police or investigation program.  Law enforcement is typically one of the most highly reputed careers in the US and the number of opportunities generally trends to grow with an increasing number of students studying law enforcement.*** Apart from the mentioned universities, there are several of other universities which offer courses in law enforcement. These courses can be found by visiting the websites of different universities.


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