Jobs That Require Criminal Justice Degree

Jobs That Require Criminal Justice Degree

Your high school diploma or GED equivalent will take you to amazing places, and the first stop along the way will be college. There’s no two ways about it – a good career is reliant on a solid foundation of education, and putting your time in college to good use is critical to your success. You may be looking at law enforcement as a career choice, and if that’s the case, you will need to know what to study to get there. So ask yourself, what are jobs that require a criminal justice degree? (*)

Jobs That Require a Criminal Justice Degree
While settling on exactly what you want to accomplish with your criminal justice degree, you probably would like more information on what is available. Many graduates move into local law enforcement departments as police officers. This is the starter position for many with the degree path, and often one found most productive as far as community support and protection. Local police forces hire criminal justice majors to begin a career as an officer, and further education with a bachelor’s or master’s degree will advance the officer through the ranks, along with hard work and perseverance.

Another law enforcement job many take that relies on a criminal justice degree is state and county police forces, where the focus is removed from a smaller community policing action to one of a larger statewide presence. Officers patrol the roads and regions in between townships, working on behalf of the laws of the county of state.

Other CJ Required Jobs
Many students discover forensic science while in college, or have had it introduced to them via popular shows on television. Forensic positions can be found in many locations, from police forces to forensic labs, from insurance companies to private concerns. The positions look at the scenes of crimes and determine the details long after the event has taken place. This can involve physical evidence at a traditional scene of a crime, of financial forensics, where accounting skills come in to play to determine the movement of cash and other commodities between criminal organizations.

Computer forensics is a growing field as well, with criminal justice degree holders using modern technology to trace evidence through electronic media, social media, and other electronic mediums that might well be used in the commission of a crime.

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