How Long is Police Academy?

How Long is Police Academy?

Police are the backbone of security in any given societal setting. In fact, the role they play in the society cannot be downplayed. In order to perform their duties effectively, they have to undergo a rigorous training exercise that can only work well with a healthy individual. And anyway, whatever they handle calls for a healthy physical body as well as proper training. Anyone wishing to be hired by police departments may have to meet the mandatory training period as stated by the state they stay in. Apart from that, they also have to pass a physical fitness exam.

One wishing to join the police force may ask how long a police academy is. While some states offer their trainings for a short period of 24 weeks, others take up to nine months. Most training academies take at least 14 weeks, and six months is the median length of time. Immediately after an officer completes the duration of the training, they have to undergo a field training program that lasts for between 6-8 weeks. After that, they may be on probation for up to two years. It is important to note that some states demand that one have a degree to be accepted in a police department*.

When one wants to join police academy training, they have to be 21 years of age by the time they graduate from there. Before joining the academy, there is no requirement to have been from a previous college or institution. Though having been through a given training also does not deny one the chance to be accepted. However, there are some departments that prefer that one have an added training before employment, so this may just be an added advantage. But one thing to take into account is the physical fitness training test. Anyone wishing to be in the training program must be fit.

During the training, the first program is fitness assessment that involves training to condition the body accordingly with regular running. Weight training and other exercises are incorporated into the program with California recommending a regimen of 80 push-ups and 250 crunches in a day. Most of the recruits are not able to pass this fitness test when they get into the program. With time however, they adjust to this. When they are building their strength, they also learn how to use it effectively**.

To handcuff perceived criminals, lots of muscle must be used as well as specific movements that are meant to disable people without putting them in harm way. In the training, they also learn defense tactics, not to mention non-lethal tools like pepper spray and the baton. At times, a police officer may be confronted by cases that are beyond the baton and spray. Such times call for the use of a gun**.

Of course a gun has to be used with caution, and this is what they are taught at the police academy. Recruits have to pass the firearms precision test with 90% accuracy. This is to ensure that they are used appropriately. Police are taught to make chases just like many have watched in movies. So driving is another training they are taught. That combined with brain checks, make a complete police officer**.

There are several tests to pass and qualifications to be met before a person is allowed to graduate from a police academy. If pursuing this course if something you are interested in, it may be a good idea to do your research on prerequisite qualifications as well as what will be expected of you should you enter into a police academy. Arm yourself with knowledge before applying to an academy of your choosing.


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