How to Earn an Animal Control Officer Degree

How to Earn an Animal Control Officer Degree

An animal control officer is a professional who is charged with helping those who are dealing with wild animals, dangerous animals, or animals in distress. They may work for the government, humane society, or municipality, to prevent the cruelty to any animal while also keeping people safe from harm as well[1]. It may be an interesting job, as these animal control officers may receive calls in which they must respond in a fast and safe manner, not always knowing what to expect.

The first concern of an officer is public safety. When it comes to either protecting an animal or the safety of the public, the people come first. There may be instances where an officer may have to perform tasks of subduing or euthanizing an animal that is out of control, which is one of the tougher parts of the job[2]. This individual has to be sure they have a thick skin and can handle such duties if need be. Animal control officers may potentially deal with dangerous animals on a regular basis, and it is their job to keep calm, do their job appropriately, while protecting themselves and those around them.

These professionals work side by side with law enforcement agencies to ensure peace and safety in their communities. It is important for them to be well-versed in laws regarding animal rights and animal abuse to ensure they are properly handling the animals and the situations which may arise. Often, an associate’s degree in Applied Science may be necessary in order to work as an animal control officer. This is typically a two-year program and broadly covers different areas of the criminal justice system, including corrections, courts, and state and national laws[3].

Upon completion of a degree program, the graduate may qualify for entry-level positions within the field related to animal care. Although in some states a degree may not be required, it may give you a leg-up on other prospective applicants in this competitive field. Some states may prefer those with a degree over those who have only received on-the-job training. It may be a good idea to do your research on your state’s qualifications and hiring process in order to make a choice which best suits your future.

The average salary of an animal control officer is around $31,680 per year[4], which may vary based on location, experience, and so on. If you have a passion for helping both people and animals alike, it may be a good choice for you to look deeper into what it takes to become an animal control officer and ways to help your community’s safety.

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