How to Earn an Administration of Justice Degree

How to Earn an Administration of Justice Degree

Administration of justice degree is a degree program with several majors relating to justice administration, just like we have science, health, art and social science degrees. Students who earn Administration of Justice degree may pursue many career paths in moral (behavioral), social, community and legal justice related matters and administrations.

The minimum educational qualification to earn any degree is a high school certificate with credits in specific subjects as required for your chosen career choice. One with high school certificate, A-level or its equivalent may apply for diploma or preliminary/preparatory certificate programs in a choice career path in hope to go for a degree course later. Some people do this so as to be able to get a job or earn money to foot the bills for a degree course.

Some schools offer preliminary/preparatory certificate programs for Administration of Justice. This gives criminal justice workers, social and legal administrators the opportunity to gradually further their studies in their career path and excel in it. They may take certificate programs for Administration of Justice and proceed to obtain a degree in Administration of Justice later. This they do by choosing a major in any of the many majors option available in Administration of Justice or go for a general Administration of Justice degree.


Several degree courses take traditional four years for completion, so it is for Administration of Justice degree. It may only take less years if you have transferred courses from preliminary/preparatory (diploma kind of programs for administration of justice) administration of justice programs before applying for the Administration of Justice degree.

Courses Needed To Be Taken

The 3 major courses needed to be taken are:

  • Administration of Justice (ADMIN JUS) courses
  • English (ENG) and
  • Political Science (POL SCI) course.

These 3 courses are broken down into sub-courses for each level or year of study. Usually, all the required courses for each level or year of study are spelt out in the school prospectus along with its credit or unit load.

Job Outlook on Completion

There are numerous career/job opportunities for people with administration of justice degree. Here is a list of few career/ job opportunities for people who complete administration of justice degree programs.

Career Paths and Corresponding Job Options*

Careers in Law Enforcement

  • Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Inspector/Special Agent
  • Customs Aid
  • Customs Canine Enforcement Officer
  • Customs Inspector
  • Deputy U.S. Marshal
  • Deputy Sheriff
  • Drug Enforcement Special Agent
  • FBI Agent
  • Fish and Wildlife Service, Special Agent
  • Immigration & Naturalization Service, Border Patrol Agent
  • Internal Revenue Criminal Investigator
  • Investigator (State, County, or Municipal)
  • Police Officer
  • Postal Service Inspector
  • Secret Service Agent
  • State Police Officer/State Trooper

Careers in Courts**

  • Attorney/Lawyer
  • Bailiff (Court Officer)
  • Court Administrator
  • Court Clerk
  • Court Liaison Counselor
  • Counselor: Crisis Counselor
  • Domestic Violence Counselor
  • Pretrial Services Officer, U.S. District
  • Release-On-Own Recognizance Interviewer
  • Runaway Counselor
  • Victim Services Specialist

Careers in Corrections**

  • Corrections Counselor
  • Corrections Officer
  • Corrections Treatment Specialist (Federal Prison)
  • Juvenile Justice Counselor
  • Parole Officer
  • Pre-Release Program: Correctional Counselor, Employment Counselor, Halfway House Manager
  • Probation Officer: Adult or Juvenile

Careers in Forensic Science**

  • Ballistics Specialist
  • Tool mark Specialist
  • Serology Specialist
  • Fingerprint Specialist
  • Arson Specialist
  • Document Specialist
  • Polygraph Specialist

Careers in Private Security**

  • Retail Security: Store Detective, Los Prevention Officer
  • Commercial Security: Hotels, Airports, Airlines, Financial Institutions, Commercial Buildings
  • Institutional Security: Public Facilities, hospitals, libraries, museums, educational institutions, etc.
  • Industrial Security: Manufacturing plants and protection of trade secrets

If you have passion for enforcing law and order administration of justice degree is a degree course that gives you wide range of opportunity to enforce justice, manage level issues at several levels. I advise you to visit the school you hope to pursue this degree or request for the school prospectus online to get detailed information and specific requirement (requirement is unique to each schools and often specified in course prospectus).



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