How to Become a Police Officer

How to Become a Police Officer

Criminal justice is all about upholding the law and keeping society stable. In the public, one of the biggest enforcers of criminal justice are the police officers. Many criminal justice degree students are looking for careers as police officers.

Police officers are involved with nearly every step of the criminal justice process and as such, the job represents a perfect entry level position for students.

Police officers are responsible for the protection of any part of a city. They split neighborhoods in a city and are responsible for patrolling the area, responding to 911 calls, and enforcing the laws. They arrest criminals, they handle all the paperwork behind every crime, and they work with the courts as well.

Criminal justice students can take a job as a police officer right out of high school and slowly work their way up from there. Detectives, crime scene investigators, and even federal agents all start out at the low police officer level.

Following is a list of some information about the career you may pursue.

How to Become a Police Officer?

As stated previously, criminal justice students are open to starting their career as a police officer right after high school. Once the student is brought in, they are expected to graduate from the agency’s training academy before anything else. Once that is finished, students can begin on-the-job training. For those students who are still interested in learning more about criminal justice after getting the job, many police stations offer assistance to those officers interested in continuing education.

If you are interested in getting your criminal justice degree before jumping at the job, it will definitely help you. Getting your degree will put you ahead of the pack and will optimize your chances at moving up as an officer even faster.

Police Officer Salary

Police officers make about $55,010 a year and the job market will see a 7% increase. In 2010, there were 663,900 jobs for police officers. In 2020, the projected numbers inflate to 718,500. With the continuing need for public safety, there will always be work for these law enforcers.

Criminal justice students will always have a place to land but the biggest piece of the pie is the group of police officers. Having a career as a police officer is one of the best options for a fresh student with a passion for justice.

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