How to Become a Penologist

How to Become a Penologist

Learn how to become a penologist, including the duties, educational requirements, work environment, and job outlook. When considering becoming a penologist, it is important to understand what one does and whether it is the right fit for you.

What are the duties of a Penologist?

*Penology refers to the study, theory, and practice of managing a prison, as well as helping with criminal rehabilitation. This helps to define the ideal position and duties that would be required of a penologist. Working as a Penologist would most likely involve working at a prison, although sometimes off-site offices could be used.

What are the requirements to become a penologist?

*When it comes to learning how to become a penologist, it is a good idea to determine the requirements involved in relation to education. Generally, a bachelor degree in psychology, criminal justice, or justice administration is in most cases required or at least highly recommended in order to potentially land a job as a penologist.

What will you generally study to become a penologist?

*While studying to become a Penologist courses will cover a wide variety of subjects pertinent to crime and punishment. This will include but is not limited to, types of punishments for different crimes, background history of previous prisons, why people go to prison and for how long, and what a day life of a prisoner is. Other studies will focus on issues facing the correctional system such as the budgets, death penalty, and overcrowding.

What can I do to increase my chances of becoming a penologist?

*Often times having a background in psychology can give you an edge and a better potential chance of landing the penologist position you have always wanted. Psychology is a social science that can truly give you an understanding of human behavior which, within a correctional facility, is important. Essentially, in being a penologist you act as more of a psychologist as you would generally determine criminal behavior to help come up with a proper diagnosis and treatment for the individual in question. Of course, if you were to want to focus more on the psychological aspects of criminal rehabilitation, a major in Psychology for college would be required.

*As a penologist you will come across many types of people of many different backgrounds and with many different issues including that of major drug, social, and mental problems of all different sorts. Some may even display quite aggressive behavior towards you and how well you can handle this can determine the outcome and longevity of employment. You must have patience and perseverance. No matter what situation may arise, be prepared for an almost constantly changing and in in-flux work environment. If this is the type of job of which you would like to consider and that you truly do want to learn how to become a penologist


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