How to Become a Fraud Investigator

How to Become a Fraud Investigator

Who is a fraud investigator?

Fraud is an act of deception performed by an individual or an organization, to attain financial or personal gain. The act of fraud is a criminal offense, and anyone caught of practicing it are bought before the court of law, and punished. The personnel’s who are responsible for finding out a fraud are referred as the fraud investigators*. They are the one who have the expertise in this field, and they know how to look for the crime. Are you interested in this field of work too? Then you must know the ways by which you can become one. But before that, let’s take a look at what are the duties that you have to perform.

The duties associated with a fraud investigator

The duty of a fraud investigator involves the planning and the execution of any kind of fraud cases. Any allegations on any kind of fraudulence may be investigated, and solved by them. They evaluate the circumstance, and then provide their valuable report on that. They document all the investigation process in a proper manner. They interview those people who are listed as suspects in any case of fraud. They gather important documents which may be related with the fraudulence. They recommend action that needs to be taken. Finally, they present the whole case in front of the Court of Law**.

The educational requirements

To be a fraud investigator one needs to have the proper kind of certification. A person may join the course for getting the certificate, after completing her or his bachelor’s degree. They may have to go through two years of training to be a proper investigator. There are various subjects which they need to study. The subjects are that of accounting, fraud investigation, sociology, criminology, loss prevention and law relating to fraud*.

Work environment

The work environment of a fraud investigator is quite exciting, but it is very hectic too. The shifts of the duties are not fixed and thus as an investigator you may have to attain duty at night too. Also, you may have to work on weekends, and on holidays.

Good enough to be an earning source?

The aspect of fraud is increasing in the world around you, and thus the need for the fraud investigators are raising with each passing day. The salary is quite reasonable and handsome. Also, there are other perks associated. Moreover, the best part is that it is a job which requires the practice of your intelligence, and thus you may enjoy it to the fullest.



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