How to Become a FBI Agent

FBI Agent

A career in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) can be both rewarding and adventurous. To become an FBI agent, one must complete a four-year degree and meet age, citizenship, background check, and physical requirements.


The first step to becoming an FBI agent is to obtain a four-year degree. Although the FBI does not require a certain degree area, the bureau seeks to employ professionals who have a few critical skills, including the following:

- Finance
- Computer Technology
- Languages
- Law

For this reason, a beneficial degree to pursue is a criminal justice degree. A criminal justice degree also qualifies individuals for other law enforcement positions. Because FBI agents must work in a professional capacity for at least 3 years before joining the bureau, a criminal justice degree can certainly help would-be FBI agents get on the right path.

Citizenship, Age, & Background Check Requirements

To work for the FBI, an individual must be a U.S. citizen or citizen of the Mariana Islands between the ages of 23 and 37. Individuals must also pass a background check.

Physical Requirements

Because working as an FBI agent may mean pursuing dangerous criminals, individuals must by physically fit. For this reason, physical fitness tests are part of the hiring process. Fortunately, four-year institutions that offer the criminal justice degree often offer online classes on fitness and nutrition. These courses can help would-be FBI agents get in shape before they apply.