Homeland Security Jobs

Homeland Security Jobs

People who are concerned about the safety of their country and want to play an active role in protecting it from internal and external danger may consider a job in the homeland security department. The need for homeland security arose after the September 11 attacks by reorganizing several US government agencies*. Homeland security is also known as Homeland Defense. One of the largest government agencies, the Department of Homeland Security, has under it; Transportation Safety Administration, or TSA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, and the Secret Service.

For somebody looking for employment with the Department of Homeland Security, a person can research various career opportunities. The Coast Guard, border patrol, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement are all under Homeland Security. This is one department which is growing at the fastest rate and is among the most attractive government agencies to work for.

Understanding Homeland Security

Homeland Security deals with the all efforts involved in preventing terrorist attacks within the country. Looking for ways to reduce the country’s vulnerability when it comes to terrorism, and at the same time, efforts to strengthen capability for quick turnaround should there be a terrorist attack is the main aim. After an attack, controlling and minimizing the damage is also a major issue that is dealt with in homeland security*. Other than the department created after reorganization of US government agencies, some outside agencies like the FBI and the CIA also perform Homeland Security duties.

Choices of degree programs for joining Homeland Security       

For those hopeful students seeking a possible career with homeland security, they will be happy to know that there are several educational programs which are relevant for them. These courses are offered by colleges and universities around the country. There is a choice that students can avail, some colleges and universities offer online courses while some offer regular on campus programs. Students should be aware that one of the best options for attaining a degree is to get a degree from a criminal justice school. All hopeful students will get all the relevant information through the official school websites and additional information can be obtained upon request.

Universities and colleges offering criminal justice degree

Students surveying universities and colleges to enrol for a criminal justice degree should take a look at California University of Pennsylvania, which offers online MS in Legal Studies with Tracks in Law and Public Policy, Homeland Security, and Criminal Justice. Other than this, Penn State Online also has an online course in Home and Security Degree Programs in 5 specializations. Namely, Public Health Preparedness, Geospatial Intelligence, Information Security and Forensics, Agricultural Bio security, and the Base Program are some of the programs offered. A BA and MA degree is also offered by the American Military University in Homeland Security and an undergraduate Certificate for Weapons of Mass Destruction Preparedness. If you are serious about earning a degree, then you will find that there are many schools offering degree programs in the relevant field. You may want to do your research and find the school that best suits you*.

What will the degree curriculum include?

The courses will include studies in Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, Bio-Terrorism and its Effects, Handling of Hazardous Materials, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Domestic Terrorism, Constitutional Law, Cyber-Terrorism, as well as Emergency Planning and Disaster Preparedness. A student’s chosen subjects for a bachelor’s degree will determine which agency or type of business they are ready for. 

How to get hired in Homeland security

Some of the main employers for homeland security degree graduates are the Federal government agencies. Federal agencies like the Transportation Security Administration, the US Capitol Police, Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, the US Coast Guard, the US Customs Services, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the US Marshals Service, and the Federal Management Agency are some of the primary employers*. One of the most important points that students should remember is that all of these agencies have specific hiring processes. Applicants will have to undergo rigorous training. Permanent positions depend on vacancies as well as on the performance of applicants and on the tests, exams, and background checks that are conducted. Each agency’s website has clear steps for applying for a job.

Depending on the career path you choose within Homeland Security, the annual pay may vary. Top earnings in the field are around $97,000, with an average salary of around $58,000**. Pay may vary depending on location, experience, job title, and what type of agency you may be working for.


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