Criminal Justice Degrees- Homeland Security

Homeland Security

In response to the nation’s growing homeland security needs and issues, degrees in Homeland Security are becoming more and more popular. This has created a great opportunity for those interested in Criminal Justice and with a strong desire to help protect the people. The Homeland Security Degree is typically designed to instruct students on how to help secure borders, airports, and waterways and seaports. It also prepares its students to respond to natural disasters and terrorism. By employing the most modern security technology, students are given the tools to understand intelligence support and provide counterterrorism action. The degree focuses on a few basic concepts that include critical infrastructure protection, disaster preparedness, and intelligence analysis.

Courses can cover everything from an introduction to Homeland Security to Mitigation and Disaster Recovery. Upon earning a degree in Homeland Security, graduates enter a growing market that has jobs with private businesses, private security, law enforcement, airport security, FBI, Secret Service, the DEA, Air Marshals, Military Agents and more.

The United States spends a significant portion of its overall budget on national defense. The number of active-duty personnel is expected to remain roughly constant through 2020. However, the drawdown from recent conflicts may lead to a decrease in the number of active-duty personnel. This should be balanced by the need to fill entry-level positions as members of the Armed Forces move up through the ranks, leave the service, or retire.*