Best Criminal Justice Schools in New York

Best Criminal Justice Schools in New York

Criminal justice schools prepare students for careers in the public service sector generally as police officers, forensics investigators, or detectives. Programs may also help students gain a greater understanding about complex issues surrounding current police methods and the justice system. Within the state of New York, there are several criminal justice schools that have a long history of producing the next generation’s criminal justice workforce. Students who have attended these schools in New York typically follow rewarding career paths within their respective fields. Here are five of the best criminal justice schools in New York:

John Jay College of Criminal Justice- New York, NY

As part of the City University of New York, John Jay College offers a Master’s degree in several criminal justice specialties such as cybersecurity, forensic psychology, forensic science, protection management, and international criminal justice. These different programs may prepare students for several careers and allow them to gain specialized knowledge generally necessary to enter a criminal justice field.[i]

Albany School of Criminal Justice- Albany, NY

This upstate New York school is part of the State University of New York (SUNY) system and offers undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD programs in criminal justice. The undergrad program generally educates students about basic crime issues of the 21st century, while the Master’s program offers in-depth courses that focus on specialized fields of criminal justice.[ii]

Monroe College School of Criminal Justice- Bronx, NY

The School of Criminal Justice at Monroe College was founded in response to the September 11 attacks in 2001. Shortly after the attacks, a demand for professionals within the field of police work, security, and social services generally grew, so the criminal justice program was established. The program focuses on preparing individuals for service jobs rather than examining basic criminal justice subjects. Upon completion of the degree, students generally choose to become police officers or other security professionals.[iii]

Mercy College Criminal Justice Program- Dobbs Ferry, NY

This undergraduate degree program trains students for careers in several growing fields such as police work, correctional officers, youth counselors, private security, and social services. The Mercy College Criminal Justice Program boasts a diverse faculty that includes attorneys, law enforcement officers, and other experts within their respective fields.[iv]

St. Francis College School of Criminal Justice- New York, NY

Several of the students who successfully graduate from this program generally go on to become police officers in and around New York City. The school offers a curriculum that balances theory with policy and teaches students how to think critically about the important crime-related issues. The program’s highly experienced staff typically prepares students for real-world situations that they may encounter after graduation.[v] 

These are a few of the best criminal justice schools in New York; however, there are several other notable programs worth researching and considering.


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