What Are the Best Jobs for a Law Enforcement Degree

What Are the Best Jobs for a Law Enforcement Degree

You might just be finishing up high school, and are looking for that career that will make you happy. Or perhaps you have your GED equivalent, and have decided to continue on to a college education. Maybe you’ve been out of school for a while – no matter, because what is important is that you go back to college to earn your degree so you can get a successful position in criminal justice. And while you are doing that, you may ask yourself, ‘What are the best jobs for a law enforcement degree?’ (*)

What are the Best Jobs for a Law Enforcement Degree
Your first step is to earn an associate’s degree in criminal justice, a bachelor’s, or masters, depending on what type of position you will be seeking. But, make no bones about it- a degree is necessary to teach you the proper skills for becoming a well positioned member of the law enforcement community. The nights will be filled with long hours of study, and the days will be packed with classroom instruction as well as practical applications such as firing ranges, hot seat ride alongs with local police officers, and interrogation and interviewing techniques.

Once you have that paper in hand, it is simply a matter of finding the right position for you. Many graduates move immediately into local police departments to become police officers for their own communities. Often, there will be a family connection, with fathers and mothers and sons and daughters serving together. Perhaps a jump up to a statewide law enforcement agency is more you speed, and you can apply for the state police.

Federal Positions
Some people opt out of local and state wide law enforcement positions and set their sights on federal positions. These often take more education, and longer to achieve, but the reward are endless. You may look for work with the secret service, or with the federal bureau of investigations, or the central intelligence agency. You may also wish to have a great impact on your community at large by joining homeland security as a flight gate manager or an air marshal.

No matter what path you choose to take with your criminal justice major, you are sure to find a rewarding career after earning your degree. Simply take the opportunity to review your options, and go from there.

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