What Are the Best Jobs for a Homeland Security Degree

What Are the Best Jobs for a Homeland Security Degree

You are just about to graduate with your Homeland Security law enforcement degree, or perhaps you are just starting to investigate the possibilities if you choose that career path. Knowing what are the best jobs for a homeland security degree is an important factor in finding a great career position after graduation, and you want to make sure it is something you will enjoy as well as something that will pay the bills. Believe it or not, this is not such a difficult task, as there are plenty of fields where you can apply your special knowledge to make our country safer. (*)

What Are the Best Jobs for a Homeland Security Degree
Your fist stop to discover the answer this question is to visit your school’s guidance counselor, either in high school or in a college or university setting. They will have plenty of information on what career paths are available, and how to achieve the goal of earning employment in the field of your choice. You might also have access to your professors, who more than likely have working experience in the Homeland Security arena. They will be able to offer first hand advice on what to seek out for job satisfaction, as well as cautionary words of what to avoid.

You then need to take stock of your personal situation to determine what job is best suited for your situation. If you have a family, you may want to seek positions where you will be able to be home most nights and weekends. After all, college is about finding a career that benefits your family and brings a greater level of quality of life to you all. Seeking a job that pulls you further away from your family than college previously had might not be something you would want to investigate. It may well mean a move to a different city, but the increase in quality of life might just dictate that move.

Types of Jobs with Homeland Security
You will see most job offerings surrounding national airport operations. Your degree has prepared you for the rigors and responsibilities of the job, so you can seek employment in administration as well as law enforcement. You may look for a position as an air marshal, or the as an investigator keeping tabs on potential terrorist threats.

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