The Best Criminal Justice Colleges

The Best Criminal Justice Colleges

The decision to join the criminal justice program when applying to college was the right choice for you, but know that not every school is equal when it comes to the quality and value you should be expecting for you tuition payments. Many have developed CJ courses as an afterthought in order to capitalize on the growing field, without putting into place the professionalism and expert training elements a student will need to succeed in the field. Taking a moment to research your possibilities will save you a world of headaches later on, when potential employers look at your transcripts and ask why you wasted you time at such and such school. Be prepared, and spend you education dollars wisely. (*)

The Best Criminal Justice Colleges are Accredited
When researching for educational opportunities, make sure you are looking only at accredited institutions. Learn what the term means and how it applies to your situation, as some will say they are accredited, but those credentials won’t do you a hill of beans, For example, a dental technicians school is accredited for teaching and training dental technicians, but not for criminal justice, which is a program they may have added on to capture more tuition payments. When you ask the school if they are accredited, guess what they will say? Why yes, we are accredited…  this does you no good, because they don’t have the proper credentials to confer you a degree worth using.

How to Choose
Look for schools that have a strong history of serving the community. Perhaps seek out someone who you respect in the field you wish to apply your degree towards and ask them where they went to school and whether or not they enjoyed the experience. Then, ask them where they would go if they had to do it all over again. These voices will be critical in helping you decide what the right school is for you, and will even reduce the amount of time and trouble required to research the best of the best.

Below is a list of some of the most highly considered criminal justice schools in the country- take your time and chose the one that’s right for you.

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